MEMD – new article and photographs

I’ve written about ‘MEMD’ on this blog before, and the other week journalist Susy Macaulay contacted me about a piece she was writing about ‘Herself’.

article about MEMD in P&J

Photographer Mary Ethel Muir Donaldson’s evocative pictures of the Highlands were featured in an article in the Press & Journal at the weekend. You can read the article online here:

(there is actually slightly more information in the online version than was in the paper – and several more of MEMD’s wonderful photos).

There is a brief mention of MEMD in my biography of Josephine Tey: as this article describes, my interest in her started when I discovered correspondence between MEMD and Tey.

MEMD was a fascinating woman, and there is much more to say about her, and about her photographs.

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