support for a blue plaque for Josephine Tey

There is a follow-up article in the Press & Journal online today about support for a blue plaque for Josephine Tey:

You can read their original article from the other week here: a blue plaque for Josephine Tey?

As Josephine Tey’s biographer, I have always believed in the quality and importance of her writing. I think a plaque in her home town would be a lovely way to both recognise and draw attention to her considerable achievements.

If you are interested in the idea of a plaque for Josephine Tey and would like to support it, please feel free to comment below, or contact me using the contact form. I will also post any more information here as I get it: if you scroll down you can enter your email address to receive updates on this blog. I post regularly (about once a month) with news about my writing, including my biography of Josephine Tey – and my new book, which I will be sharing news about very soon!

11 thoughts on “support for a blue plaque for Josephine Tey

  1. Super idea, and not before time! Josephine Tey / Elizabeth(Beth) MacKintosh quite rightly deserves a blue plaque at 53 Castle St, not just because she is known as the crime writer’s crime writer, but also because she shows us “a new version of what was possible for a Highland woman.”

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  2. Absolutely! She was such a wonderful writer and is not as well known in Inverness as she should be. This would raise her profile as well as acknowledging her talent.

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