I was very pleased to be invited onto the Shedunnit podcast, to talk about Josephine Tey for their Queens of Crime at War series.

Shedunnit is a half-hour podcast that looks at classic detective stories. It’s written, hosted and produced by Caroline Crampton. Their ‘Queens of Crime at War’ series is in six parts, looking at what the best writers from the Golden Age of detective fiction did once that period came to an end with the Second World War.

It’s an interesting way to talk about Josephine Tey’s work, as her writing did go through a bit of a change after 1945: it’s after this time that she publishes many of the crime novels she is best remembered for today, starting with “Miss Pym Disposes” in 1946.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking on the link, and also check out the other episodes in the series:

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