Northwords Now Spring-Summer 2022

The new issue of Northwords Now magazine is out now, and I have an article in it profiling Clive Boutle of Francis Boutle Publishing.

cover of issue 43 of Northwords Now

“From Rusty Staple to Highest Apple” looks at Francis Boutle’s publication of a new anthology of Scottish Gaelic literature, and goes deeper into their back catalogue of minority language publishing to get an idea of the company’s ethos.

When I spoke to Clive Boutle our discussion covered the Cornish, Occitan and Faroese languages, as well as poetry and practicalities – it was a fascinating interview.

Northwords Now is free to read. It is online here:
The direct link to my article is here:
and paper copies are available across Scotland. A list of stockists is here:

And finally… on the back page of this issue is a special reader offer, for 25% off the cover price of my new book “Daughters of the North: Jean Gordon and Mary, Queen of Scots”, when it is ordered direct from my publisher, Sandstone Press.

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