Spirit 360 platform live

The writing I completed for the Spirit:360 project at Inverness Castle is now live online!

Spirit 360 showcases over 60 community artists who have each created works inspired by the theme ‘Spirit of the Highlands’. The project is part of the redevelopment of Inverness Castle as a tourist destination.

I researched and wrote two pieces for the project. Over the last wee while, I have been combining my interest in writing non-fiction history and biography with my interest in poetry, and my contribution takes the form of two poems. You can read more details about the research and writing here, as well as the full final poems: https://discoverhighlandsandislands.scot/en/spirit-360/jennifer-henderson

The first piece is a poem about Inverness Castle, which distills about 900 years of history into about 4 minutes of poetry. It was performed and filmed on location at the castle beside the statue of Flora MacDonald:

The second piece was inspired by one of the stories submitted to the ‘100 stories’ initiative, which chimed with my own research into the real-life figure of James Fraser. Fraser was a minister, writer, historian and traveller from the 1600s, who wrote about the history of the clan Fraser and its place in Scotland and Europe. He is strongly associated with Wardlaw Mausoleum.

There are all sorts of interesting projects in the Spirit: 360 showcase – check them out through the main page here: https://discoverhighlandsandislands.scot/en/spirit-360

Spirit:360 is supported by Highland Place Partnership, by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland’s Place Partnership Programme, and is administered by High Life Highland, as part of the Spirit of the Highlands project. #Spirit360 #SpiritOfTheHighlands #SpiritSpotlight #Spiorad360

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