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BBC online article “The King and Aye” by Jennifer Morag Henderson

BBC Alba television feature on the launch of “Josephine Tey: A Life” at Inverness Museum (in Gaelic and English)

New Yorker article “The Detective Novel that Convinced a Generation Richard III wasn’t Evil”

“Past Offences” – classic crime fiction news and reviews: an interview about “Josephine Tey: A Life”:

Josephine Tey fan website: highly recommended, full of pictures and interesting links

The Richard III Society – for fans of Josephine Tey’s “The Daughter of Time”

Am Baile: Highland Council’s history and culture website. This link takes you direct to their entries on Josephine Tey, but there is a wealth of information searchable on this site.

Writer Simon Sylvester’s website: I enjoy reading other writers’ blogs. Simon and I were in the same sports club as teenagers; I only discovered he too had become a writer many years later –

Moniack Mhor – I have taught at Moniack Mhor Creative Writing Centre, which is close to Inverness and runs workshops and retreats all year round:

MEM Donaldson – I have lectured about my research on MEMD and her wonderful photographs of the Highlands. This site tells you a little more about her life: