Val McDermid & Josephine Tey

Val McDermid’s new book “Broken Ground” is out now, and I would highly recommend it…

Broken Ground cover

a new Karen Pirie thriller, it also has a Josephine Tey connection, as you can see if you look at the acknowlegements.

Broken Ground acknowlegement

Val McDermid wrote the Foreword for my biography “Josephine Tey: A Life”, where she said “Jennifer Morag Henderson’s meticulous biography gives us the chance to understand what shaped Beth MacKintosh into the writer she became. It’s a revealing journey that makes sense of one of crime fiction’s most intriguing mysteries. Finally we can feel we have come to know the crime writer’s crime writer.”

Bloody Scotland
me & Val McDermid at Bloody Scotland

Both myself and Val McDermid are speaking (separately) at the Pentlands Book Festival at the end of this month.

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