New Castlehill article in History Scotland magazine

front cover of History Scotland magazine March/April 2021

I have a new article about Seignelay Cuthbert of Castlehill in the March/April 2021 issue of “History Scotland” magazine, available to buy in shops now.

This article follows on from the work I have previously published on Castlehill (which you can read about by clicking HERE and HERE). It contains new information about Castlehill’s life, a report from the December 2020 symposium and future plans for the project.

headline from Castlehill History Scotland article

“For several weeks, e-mails went back and forth tracing how Seignelay had dealt with the ‘épizootie’ of 1774-76 – an animal disease pandemic, a deadly outbreak of cattle plague or rinderpest. Rinderpest remains one of the only two diseases (along with smallpox) which humans have wholly eradicated through vaccine…”

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