Talk on the history of the Victorian Market, Inverness: Fire, Fashion & Inspiration – Tuesday 5th December 2017

Some time ago, I was commissioned to write a poem about the Victorian Market in Inverness: the poem, and an accompanying article about a devastating fire in the market (which was published by the BBC), are pieces that I am often asked about. You can read the original article by going to the Writing page in the links above.

Recently I was in touch with the Inverness Townscape Heritage project, who are currently working on Academy street and in the Victorian Market, and I will be joining them for a talk on the history of the Victorian Market from 6 – 7pm on Tuesday the 5th of December:

“Local historian Norman Newton will give an informative talk on the history of the market, in particular the catastrophic fire of 1889. The Victorian Market has been the location of an amazing array of traders over the generations and as a result has a unique character and community which has inspired artists, poets, writers and musicians.

Norman will be joined by local writer Jennifer Morag Henderson…

Come along to the Victorian Market and join the team for some mince pies and refreshments…

Images from this summer’s Victorian Market Rephotography project will also be on display.”

Search for “Academy Street Townscape Heritage Project” on facebook or check out their website for more details

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