Inverness Castle view

Here’s a slightly unusual view of the site of Josephine Tey‘s family shop on Castle street, Inverness:

view of Castle Street and Tey family shop

It’s taken from the top of the new viewpoint at Inverness Castle. For years, the castle was closed to the public, as it’s a working sheriff court, rather than a tourist attraction. However, now you can get up the tower – where you can get an incredible view:

Inverness from castle viewpoint

To get to the top of the tower, you walk up a spiral staircase,


and there are a few rooms where you can stop off on the way, and learn more about the history and culture of the area. In one of the rooms there is a presentation about the Brahan Seer, and downstairs in the gift shop you can buy this book:

Brahan Seer book

“The Brahan Seer” by Douglas Thompson tells ‘the story of Scotland’s Nostradamus’. And, if you look in the acknowledgements, you will see that an extract from this book was first published in “Random Acts of Writing” – a literary magazine which I used to run with some friends. You can read more about “Random Acts of  Writing” by following this link and scrolling down. It’s lovely to know that our magazine has a continuing impact, and to see books on sale by writers we believed in.

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