Castle street

The scaffolding is down from Josephine Tey’s family shop on Castle Street in Inverness – though the building now has what look like giant staples in it to keep it together.

Castle Street has changed a lot since Josephine Tey’s day – originally, there were shops on both sides of the street, but a landslide on the castle side meant that many of the old shops had to be demolished.

The landslip happened in the 1930s, when Tey was working on her first plays and novels.

This photo from the Am Baile website shows the aftermath:

Landslide Inverness Castle 1930s
Landslide at Inverness Castle, 1930s. Photo credit: Am Baile / Highland Folk museum.

The Am Baile site is a great starting place for Highland history research – the site first launched fifteen years ago, and has an eclectic selection of photos, oral history, old newspaper articles and more.

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