Josephine Tey, Dorothy L. Sayers and the Mystery of the Detection Club

I am delighted to share a very special article which I have co-written with Martin Edwards for CrimeReads: “Josephine Tey and the Detection Club: A Mystery Solved.”

When I first wrote my biography of Josephine Tey, I heard that Tey had spoken with fellow Golden Age crime writer Dorothy L. Sayers, but was never able to prove this. Just before the first lockdown, I read a newspaper article which sparked a new research direction – and I was finally able to not only prove that they had spoken, but also, through uncovering some letters between the two crime writers, show that Tey had been invited to join the prestigious Detection Club. If you follow the link to the article above, you can read the full story.

This is only one of the pieces of information included in the new preface to the special 125th anniversary edition of my Josephine Tey biography, which is available to buy now.

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