Publication week

My new book “Daughters of the North: Jean Gordon and Mary, Queen of Scots” is officially published this Thursday, 17th March.

People who have pre-ordered copies are starting to receive them already.

Because of covid, there will be no public launch on Thursday, but I do have some special events planned, both in-person and online. On Saturday 19th March, I am doing a private talk, with afternoon tea, for members of the Marie Stuart Society. And on 19th April I am doing a special in-depth talk about Jean Gordon for History Scotland magazine: more details on that, and information on how to book a place, is on their website here:

There are also further events planned for later.

If you are interested in getting more updates, I can be found on Twitter @jennifer_morag, and on Instagram @north_morag – and of course I will also continue to post here.

Some reviews of my book are also starting to appear, including one from Allan Massie in the Scotsman at the weekend, who found it “deeply researched and detailed”.

One thought on “Publication week

  1. Congratulations Jen – glad that it is receiving good reviews and am sure that it will do very well. 😊❤️ Hope that you and the family are feeling much better as well.


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