two days at the Edinburgh Book Festival

It’s the end of August, and the end of what has been a very sunny summer. A lot of book festivals and events happen in the autumn (and I have a couple of fun events coming up soon), but the big Edinburgh International Book Festival has just finished. I managed along to listen to three great talks: interviews with the writers Robin Robertson and Neal Ascherson, and later a panel celebrating the late musician Michael Marra. James Robertson has published a biography of Michael Marra, and he chaired this last event, which had contributions from artist Calum Colvin, singer Sheena Wellington and from Gordon Maclean.

eibf books

Afterwards, in the festival bookshop, I saw my own book (bottom right hand corner)…

Sandstone shelf at EIBF bookshop

…and then I watched someone buy it, which rather made my day…

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