LM Montgomery and the Dalhousie Gazette

The university I went to in Canada, Dalhousie, is celebrating its 200th anniversary, and as part of that they are highlighting famous alumni – this literary one caught my eye: https://alumni.dal.ca/dalhousie-originals/lucy-maud-montgomery/


Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of “Anne of Green Gables”, went to Dalhousie University for one year. She later fictionalised some of her experiences in my favourite of the Anne books, “Anne of the Island”.

L.M. Montgomery published short stories and essays in The Dalhousie Gazette, the campus newspaper. I had work published in the Gazette when I was a Dal student, and, after I graduated, later had work published in the Dalhousie Review, which is a literary magazine run from campus – the Review has published many well-known Canadian authors including Hugh MacLennan and Margaret Atwood. A lot of the back issues of these magazines have now been digitised, and you can read a good article and a short story by L.M. Montgomery by following the link above…

…or you can read my short story “Back in Inverness” in the Dalhousie Review by following this link: https://dalspace.library.dal.ca/handle/10222/61840

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