A blue plaque for Josephine Tey – success!

I’m delighted to say that we have been successful in our campaign to get a blue plaque for Josephine Tey in Inverness!

Biographer Jennifer Morag Henderson with the new blue plaque for Josephine Tey, set to be installed in Inverness

The plaque is part of the Inverness City Heritage Trust scheme, and will shortly be installed on the newly-renovated site of Tey’s family shop on Castle Street – a central location in the city.
Thank you once again to everyone for their support. I have spoken with Tey’s remaining family members, who are very happy, and we like to think that Beth (Tey) too would be quietly pleased to be recognised and celebrated in her home town of Inverness. As Josephine Tey’s biographer I am so happy to see her acknowledged in this way.

A reminder that I’m also on Twitter @jennifer_morag. I will also post any further updates here.

And I’m happy to say that the story has already been picked up by the BBC and the Press & Journal – read their stories via these links:



2 thoughts on “A blue plaque for Josephine Tey – success!

  1. It’s very pleasing to see Elizabeth Mackintosh recognised here and now. She is a classic example of a person justly appreciated in their time but all but forgotten a couple of generations on. The Franchise Affair is my favourite however with The Daughter of Tim a close second.

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